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Key-Features of Revugain

Who can use Revugain

Non-profit Organizations

Surveying in different events by staying in touch with legitimate employees, participants, volunteers. Surveying for the organisation with the people who are the part of the events.

Academic Institutions

For improving the educational process it is very crucial to identify the key factors influencing the satisfaction of students and faculty members. Revugain can be customized to meet the distinct demands of different educational institutions for improving the process

Small-Medium Enterprises

Revugain provides enough liberty to customize the system which will fit into business model regardless which industry your business working in. For growing and keeping the growth constant of the business, feedback from customer is the most crucial thing

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing businesses can create surveys easily for identifying the production process, production time and overall quality of the products made. This helps manufacturing units to improve quality of their products and continually improve their process.

Retail and Trader

Provides enough freedom to customize the system for taking the review from different retail stores. Keeping them growing will improve their productivity of the product to the revenue

Hospitality Industry

Includes different industries such as Colleges, Schools, Hotel, Restaurant, Gym, Salon, SPA, and other related industries. Taking constant feedback will help in moving further the working and growth of an organisation

Associate Partner

Integration with software, i.e. a person working with the current software can easily integrate with the data collected in the
revugain through api.

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